Top Reasons to Choose BigCommerce Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

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Top Reasons to Choose BigCommerce Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

Selling online has its own perks. Not only store owner gets a wider reach to audience, but also earn profit with more sales. At the same time, it offers more convenience to customers.

However, being an online retailer, putting your online store up can be a very overwhelming task. While, many ecommerce platforms have been a big help in establishing any ecommerce startup. Among these solutions, the friendliest ecommerce solution is BigCommerce. It is designed to serve each and every business regardless of its size.

Here are some of the reasons why merchants should choose BigCommerce over other ecommerce solutions.

Bigcommerce Is Cost-Efficient

The online business has its own expenses and costs. You need cost to manage hosting, development, bug fixing, security patching, system administration and more. Compared to other platforms, these costs are facile to manage with BigCommerce. Since it’s a template based platform, it tends to be cost-efficient.

BigCommerce Offers Design Flexibility

Due to increased competition in ecommerce world, customers expect uniqueness from retailers. Boost their interest level by offering something different. There are so many ways to stand out the ecommerce crowd. While, winning over price seems to work short-term, there should be an emotional connection between brand and customers. You can build this connection via ecommerce website design. Luckily, BigCommerce offers design flexibility that enables retailers to show their unique identity and catch the eye.

BigCommerce Deals With Shopping Cart Abandonment

Buyer’s shopping journey has its own importance. If the journey involves speed bumps, it means there will be low sales. To avoid such issues, merchant need a right solution that can deal with cart abandonment. BigCommerce notifies customers with automated cart recovery emails. This helps in resolving the issue and result in more and sales.

BigCommerce offers visibility into performance

Businesses don’t progress on making guess-based decisions. Instead, enterprise needs to make data-based decisions to stay on top of ecommerce market. BigCommerce gives retailers an easy access to view key analytics. This makes them aware regarding where their business stands and how to drive ahead.

Platform Stability

Uptime and stability are two utmost features for success of online business. When you do physical retail business, you have different issues and costs. Similarly, online business involves more outage cost that may cause some losses. So, consider a stable ecommerce platform which can handle sales during peak shopping periods. However, if you want to grow your business with peace of mind, you should opt for BigCommerce which reduces the probability of such outages.


As the technology is progressing forward, costs are reducing gradually. Enterprise ecommerce platforms tend to be scalable, and assure happier clients.

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